Dieng Natural Beauty And Sikunir

Dieng Plateau is a remote area in mid java Indonesia With Dieng,
lies at 2093 m asl has an air cool and fresh.

 Dieng and Sikunir is a place surrounded by hills and mountains

the hills and mountains in Dieng and in Sikunir making the air becomes cool Dieng,Dieng is ideally located in the middle between the hills and mountains.

Dieng is a natural cleavage Yang enchanting ,natural Travel There A Very Perfect. Dieng is also the main tourist area and abroad, with natural stretch that attract tourists to go to Dieng.

Dieng and Sikunir has a natural charm that is perfect as :

  • Mount Prau, hill Sikunir, mountain pakuwojo, mountain bisma ,hill scooter ,Dieng plateau theater, crater Sikidang ,color lake, Pengilon and komlek goa ,The oldest, temple in Java land The wells Indonesai, The highest lake in Indonesia ( dringo ), hot waterfall ,tadpole pond ,lake Merdada ,crater candradimu ,crater Sileri.it all happens by nature , had nothing to do by humans .